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Enormous Flowers is destined to become a South African classic for it’s sheer size, power and beauty. Tony has once again produced a masterpiece that in one major respect is very different from all his other albums. Known far and wide for being an exceptionally gifted acoustic guitarist Tony has won several awards for his mostly instrumental recordings. On #EnormousFlowers he sings all 13 tracks. And what songs they are, big, brash, tender, dark, hilarious are all adjectives that have been used to describe this album.

What the press say:


Marianne Thamm, Daily Maverick

‘Enormous Flowers, while stylistically varied, is thematically coherent with the songs

gently nudging each other. The musicians on this album demand as much attention as Cox himself and in that sense it is

this accomplished, seamless and totally authentic offering,impressively arranged, produced and executed’


Fine Music Radio Presenter Shiloh Noon  

‘Enormous Flowers is like no other and believe me they (the songs) crack the pavement with lyrical stealth. Possibly Tony's most explicit work, almost a retired epitaph to years of hard time gigging. Enormous Flowers is the latest Tony Cox package and there ain't nothing like this before. The album is an easy listening decameron of songs with relative meaning to all those who love this land of volatile changes. Backed by Mr Victor Masondo, a bassist of international repute, drummer Barry drummer Van Zyl & keyboardist Roland Skippers, amongst others, Tony has pulled in a veteran caste in expectation of a corker album and my God he may just have pulled it off’


Mick Raubenheimer, Weekend Special

‘A richly colourful, fat surprise of an album! The range of topics explored, and the voluptuous arrangements, indicate that Cox has been fashioning this album/direction for years, waiting for the right moment to unveil this distinct new side to his accomplished artistry’


Richard Haslop Radio presenter, Blues, Jazz specialist

"Overall there’s a slightly retro feel to the stylistically broad album where a gently South African folk-rock dotted with classic adult orientated rock touchstones, like Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo here, perhaps, and, maybe, Sting with Branford Marsalis there, as well, even, as a couple of shots of pre-hip hop R&B. It’s superbly played’

Zone Radio

‘A South African musical masterpiece for our times’


Fine Music Radio

‘A beanstalk that reaches into heavenly dimension and their ain’t nobody who’s gonna chop it down, a timeless gift don’t wait too long to enjoy a masterpiece of South African music at its very best’


Track 13 - Swinging in Style
‘What a cool adventure: around the world from Siam to Brazil, but touching in Spain, Mexico....Meeting Chuck Mangionne, Roy Orbison, a mariacchi band, and a double-bass player. Quentin Tarantino looking on can smell the dry desert and agave plants, taste the Tequila, and hear at the same time the cacophony and humidity of the thick jungle’ - Anthony Just

Track 3 - Good Morning

 Tony I found it! Wow wow wow!!!’ - Nanette Snyckers

Wow! I absolutely love it. Well done Tony, Thuli and everyone else involved, what a production! You must be so proud’ - Greg Blanshard

How beautiful!!’ - Tricia Herrmann Julian 

Just beautiful Tony. Can't wait to hear the rest of it’ - Philip Beardwood

Track 6 - House of Parliament Blues AKA VOETSEK SHUTUP!

‘EXCELLENT!!’ - Errol Fellows

‘Brilliant stuff!’ - Patrick de Wit

‘a little black comedy to highlight how our country is being run, this Voetsek Shutup song captures our MPs at their best’ - Kagiso Baloi

‘WOW!!! I love this... it is awesome!!! This is great Tony, it’s very catchy:) it’s going to be on my playlist for a long time!’ - S Nhlangwini

‘Puff & pass!’ - Thabo Rapoo

‘Yaàaay Tony. Kolskoot My Brah! This one is destined to be Legend! Mooi cool’ - Bill Knight  video

‘Dats gud indeed’ - Monica Tshabalala

‘Wonderful dawg...’ - Sivenathi Mgoboza

‘Tony your new album is a wizardry of excellent and emotive music. What an amazing break through from instrumental to vocal. I love it! Seems like you have lots of musical genres up your sleeve! I wouldn't be surprised if House of Parliament Blues becomes a number 1 hit in SA - such a catchy phrase and tune. He he get ready to hit the charts!’ - Karyn Cardoso

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The initiative reaches out to aspiring young (possibly less-advantaged) guitarists and musicians who would otherwise not have access to associate with accomplished performers or technically proficient tutors/players, and to give them a brief but significant step-up beyond the basics and rudiments of playing and performing, so that they can make their own way much more easily and rapidly up the proficiency ladder than many other ‘guitarist performers’ ever did back in the day