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nominated for a SAMA (South African Music Award) for 2015

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Multiple SAMA award winning acoustic guitarist Tony Cox has turned his attentions to South African music with this his latest CD release titled Padkos; a word he uses to describe both food for the road and music as food for the soul.

‘Consistently brilliant’ - AudioVideo, Richard Haslop

A homage to great South African composers, Padkos is an album packed with some of the most well known and best-loved SA songs and melodies that go back to the beginning with Cox and are deeply woven into his and our collective fabric.

Among the tracks on the CD are, P J Power's, Jabulani (see vid) Bright Blue's, Weeping (see vid) the old traditional Sarie Marais, Impi by Juluka and Nico Carsten's Zambezi. Mixed in there are a few new original songs and instrumentals that have been inspired and pushed out by Tony’s life experiences these last few years.

Padkos is an exceptional and unique recording and is a clear and stunning display of skill and musical craftsmanship by one of our greatest South African guitarists.

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In Concert at Die Ou Pastorie

Shot in an exquisite garden at Die Ou Pastorie, near Magaliesberg, this DVD shows one of our finest guitarists in full flight. Packed wall-wall with Cox’s inimitable guitaring and playing some of SA’s most beloved tunes. It is his sheer command of the realm of music via a wooden box with six strings, all sheathed in throw away humour that has made this home-brewed guitarist a much-loved icon of the acoustic guitar in SA and makes this DVD a must-have for any South African.

SKYPE lessons…26/1/15

  I’m now full steam ahead with something I’ve been just touching on these last few years and that is my Skype lessons.

These lessons work so incredibly well and are a lot of fun to give. The world is now a big classroom full of peeps who want to learn to play the guitar and of-course I spread the gospel of acoustic guitar playing, that is one of my prime functions while I’m on the planet. I’m an acoustic guitar activist and get a big kick out of teaching someone from the other side of the world.

Of-course the beauty of it all is that you do not have to leave home to attend your guitar lesson, as simple as that…

If you’re keen and would like to give it a go, drop me a line and we’ll take it from there…tc

Website header photography: David Batzofin

Tony Cox Guitar Lessons via SKYPE

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you may live in a small town with no guitar teachers, or the ones that are there just do not crack the kind of guitar player you want to be?

Fret not! No, in fact you’ll be doing a lot of fretting
:-)~ Skype is here! All one needs to gain access to Tony’s vast knowledge of the guitar is a PC with a strong broadband, a good cam and of-course a guitar and you’re away, no matter where you live on this big planet.

Want to sign up? Go to the contact page and send Tony an email and he’ll give you all the details to get started.

For Rates and other details of how ridiculously easy it is to get started, visit:




On the first Saturday of each month, I'll be doing a group workshop for up to 10 students on Skype and the first gets underway on Sat 6 June at 2pm. You can expect to learn a great guitar tune and while doing so cover topics ranging from chords, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and fingerpicking to performance technique, practise methods, reading, tricks and riffs, arranging and composing.

Wherever you may be on the planet, if you're a guitar nut and want to learn more don't miss your Saturday Workshop.

For all rates, booking and other details, go to:


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