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Padkos CD Now Available!

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Multiple SAMA award winning acoustic guitarist Tony Cox has turned his attentions to South African music with this his latest CD release titled Padkos; a word he uses to describe both food for the road and music as food for the soul.

‘Consistently brilliant’ - AudioVideo, Richard Haslop

A homage to great South African composers, Padkos is an album packed with some of the most well known and best-loved SA songs and melodies that go back to the beginning with Cox and are deeply woven into his and our collective fabric.

Among the tracks on the CD are, P J Power's, Jabulani (see vid) Bright Blue's, Weeping (see vid) the old traditional Sarie Marais, Impi by Juluka and Nico Carsten's Zambezi. Mixed in there are a few new original songs and instrumentals that have been inspired and pushed out by Tony’s life experiences these last few years.

Padkos is an exceptional and unique recording and is a clear and stunning display of skill and musical craftsmanship by one of our greatest South African guitarists.

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In Concert at Die Ou Pastorie

Shot in an exquisite garden at Die Ou Pastorie, near Magaliesberg, this DVD shows one of our finest guitarists in full flight. Packed wall-wall with Cox’s inimitable guitaring and playing some of SA’s most beloved tunes. It is his sheer command of the realm of music via a wooden box with six strings, all sheathed in throw away humour that has made this home-brewed guitarist a much-loved icon of the acoustic guitar in SA and makes this DVD a must-have for any South African.

Copyright © 2014 - Tony Cox - all rights reserved


   So I’ve been slogging away over a hot guitar for months now and the songs I must tell you, are flowing strongly. I’ve finally matured enough to sing again and this time I feel so good about singing. My love of the guitar and its own voice got in my way a little back there but hey, it was for a reason and now is the time to sing again.


 I’ve been told a thousand times through the last 2 decades by all the old folkies that knew me from the folk clubs of the 70’s, that they wish I would sing again and so here it is, better late than never…


 I’ve been working hard toward my three-in a-row Friday nights out at the Cape Farmyard, to make the show 100% songs or at least 90% if I run out of time. Either way, I’ve got a hell of show for you to take in on a lovely farm with a homely vibe, surrounded by mountains and the incredible beauty that is that part of the Southern Cape.


 Drive in early for the views and park off with some Tapas and a drink and come 20h30 I’ll lay into you, make no mistake…it’ll be an evening to remember…

Website header photography: David Batzofin
Other pics of Tony: Zoe Blucat-Clifford


When: Fridays 5/12/19 Dec
Time: 20h30
Venue: The Attic, Cape Farmhouse - 021 780 1246

Booking: www.quicket.co.za
5 Dec


12 Dec


19 Dec


Sixteen years ago Tony Cox decided to mostly give up singing and focus on writing music for solo, instrumental guitar. This he did to much critical acclaim and in the process garnered three SAMA awards for the best instrumental album of 2001/3 and 8.

Prior to sixteen years ago, Cox shared his performance roughly 50/50 with songs and instrumentals. When asked why he stopped singing he simply says he was head over heels in love with the pure voice of the guitar and so he went down what is now, a very well documented road of musical exploration via his acoustic guitar.

‘I also did not really feel emotionally driven to sing a lyric anymore and needed to feel connected to the subject matter for it to be a real song for me and I just wasn’t there in my head’.

Now, at the tender age of sixty, Cox has made a strong return to singing.

‘The voice is definitely an improvement from when I was younger, it’s deeper and the songwriting is simpler and more melodic and the subject matter cuts deep’.

Songs of Sixty is one of South Africa’s favourite guitar players at his very best, this time though with the added dimension of sung songs. Songs of life and love, songs that are thoughtful, darkly funny, bluesy with an afro groove and always Cox's trademark guitar playing holding it all together in a wall of rhythm, texture and sound.

Cox will be performing for three Fridays in a row from 5 December at the Cape Farmhouse in Redhill, Scarborough. The shows begin at 20h30 and as per usual Chef Phil’s Tapas menu is available from 6pm.