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Website header photography: David Batzofin

'One of the first important non-traditional, 
South African guitarists’ - Mickdotcom, 
Muse 2013

'After his explosive set, the audience 
reciprocated Cox’s performance with a 
bellowing applause that filled the entire 
bakery' - Alex Nagel, 
whatsoncapetown.co.za - Dec 2013

‘The strength and precision of what 
emerges from this man's Mervyn Davis 
guitar is quite breathtaking' - Andrew 
Smith, The Press and Journal, Scotland, 
Jan 2010

'Seeing the South African musician 
perform at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival 
last summer was a truly dazzling 
experience' - Stephen Cooke, 
The Chronicle  Herald, Nova Scotia, 
Canada - 2009

'In a year of many outstanding 
performances at the Evergreen Theatre, 
this concert by Tony Cox has to be one of 
the highlights' - Steve Kennard, Evergreen 
Theatre, Margaretsville, Nova Scotia, 
Canada - Nov 2007

‘Put a party together and go have your 
mind blown to bits (and reconstructed) by
a musician who is  a living legend’ 
Daily News, SA – 2007

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