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Tony Cox

Zimbabwean born Tony Cox has become an iconic figure in South Africa when it comes to the acoustic guitar. Recognised far and wide for his prowess on the steel-string guitar, Tony’s music is utterly unique within the usual guitar repertoire.

Born in Africa in what was then Rhodesia, Tony’s upbringing was filled with the sound of African music and rhythms. This is the pulse of his music and sets him apart from other guitar players who generally emulate American or European players.

Winning multiple South African music awards (SAMA) for his recorded works, Tony has toured the world and performed up alongside the finest guitarists that the planet has to offer. He brought some of those same players to South Africa and toured the country with them, performing some breathtaking concerts and delighting audiences and artists alike.

Teaching has always been a mainstay of this workaholic musician. He conducts workshops and daily classes and has a large body of students from across the globe who he teaches online.

He currently lives with his wife Debra and their two children in the United Kingdom.

PHOTO: Victor Sinevici